Zarraz Halal Skincare Product

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30 ML  |  USD 21.00


30 ML  |  USD 23.00

SPF50 For Acne & Sensitive

30 ML  |  USD 23.00

Calming Cleanser Rose

120 ML  |  USD 21.00

Calming Cleansing Milk

120 ML  |  USD 23.00

Firming Cleanser

120 ML  |  USD 21.00

Refreshing Hydrating Lotion

120 ML  |  USD 21.00

Stem Cell Slepping Gel

30 ML  |  USD 21.00

Rose Water Toner

120 ML  |  USD 19.00

Looking For Malaysia’s Halal Cosmetics ?

Glamz is the best Malaysia’s Halal Cosmetics for you…

Glamz Cosmeceutical  |  USD 48.00

Glamz Cosmeceautical is a cosmetic set of Zarraz Paramedical. Glamz Cosmeceautical means it is a combination of cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.

In the simplest words, Pharmaceutical refers to ingredients in Glamz Cosmetic that works for makeup while taking care of your skin.

You’re lucky to use Glamz Cosmetic because you will makeup while taking care of the skin. Here are 5 items in Glamz cosmetic sets:

  1. Premier Serum Gel
  2. Liquid Foundation
  3. Foundation Booster
  4. Lip & Cheek Magic
  5. Eyebrow on Fleek

How To Use Glamz Cosmeceutical

Watch how to use Glamz in the video below…

Glamz Testimonials…

Why Choose Glamz ?


Proven Effective

We have many of testimonials. They are very satisfied as they were able to look ageless.


High Quality & Safe

Glamz Cosmeceutical products are made from premium natural ingredients & produced with materials that are not harmful to humans.


Affordable Price

You can save money by not having to spend hundreds of dollars on cosmetic with the premium quality.


Halal Cosmetic From Malaysia

Malaysia has the world best halal standart in term of quality and certification.

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Glamz Cosmeceutical  |  USD 48.00